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Baoss Digital is a boutique agency that specializes in end-to-end lead generation and qualification for real estate professionals.

Over the last two years of serving real estate pros and helping them stop relying on their sphere of influence, door knocking and referrals, we noticed that there’s a disconnect between agencies and real estate pros that leaves agency owners and marketers frustrated with our real estate counterparts; and it’s this same disconnect that leaves real estate professionals feeling like they’ve been robbed.

Let’s get straight to the point. Most lead generation agencies and even lead gen giants generate leads and then ship them over to Realtors, Brokers and even Loan Officers with the expectation that they call and follow-up with each and every single lead within 5 minutes of them filling out a form and calling 10-15 times PER lead until they pick up. Now… that’s okay if clients were sent 10, 15… and maybe even 20-30 leads per month, but we GUARANTEE our Partners hundreds. Do the math and that’s over 1500 touch points over the course of the month for the short term. Combine that with new leads that require continuous follow-up month over month with new leads every month, and the number of touch points to maintain that lead flow compounds.

After some months of seeing our Partners struggle with this disconnect, we started working with our Partners to build out our flagship program, the Cold to Sold™️ Program, a complete and holistic lead generation program, built with Realtors, for Realtors. Beyond just a service, the Cold to Sold™️ Program, helps Realtors generate and qualify high-quality leads, and provides unprecedented support and coaching in order to help our Partners convert those leads and realize their ROI with our program.

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