Facebook Advertising

Powerful Facebook Advertising Solutions in Sunnyvale
Leverage the power of Facebook advertising to acquire new, targeted customers and gain tremendous exposure

Essential Strategies

We make the most out of your Facebook advertising dollars by placing your message in front of the audience that has the highest likelihood to convert. By defining specific demographics, location, and interests; Facebook Advertising makes it possible to reach a laser-targeted audience.

Billboard Ads

Our “Billboard Ads” ensures that your ads are being placed in front of an audience that has a genuine interest in your products and services. With our strategic analysis and approach, and the powerful targeting options of Facebook, you can rest assured that your ads are being displayed to people who matter most to your business.

Boomerang Campaigns

Customers who have previously used your products and services are very likely to use them again. Our “Boomerang” or retargeting campaigns target exactly those customers. We tactically remind them of your company and refer them back to your products and services.

Lead Generation Campaigns

A solid social media marketing strategy not only enhances your SEO by sending positive social signals, it also optimizes your conversion rate. By reaching a custom tailored audience through Facebook’s targeted marketing, you can be certain of acquiring maximum leads for your business.

Did you Know?

Ad clicks are increasing 70% year over year, and ad click-through rates are increasing 160%

With our expertise in Facebook advertising and your knowledge of the target industry, we’ll work together to boost your traffic and conversion rate.