Build your business with professionals

Our Philosophy

I run Baoss Digital, and we generate qualified customer opportunities for local business owners. We now specialize in lead generation and quaIification for ReaI Estate Agents.

As a boutique agency that specializes in end-to-end lead generation and qualification for real estate professionals, we’ve noticed that there’s a glaring disconnect between the agency and real estate pros.

It’s the disconnect that leaves agency owners and marketers frustrated with our real estate counterparts. And it’s this same disconnect that leaves real estate professionals feeling like they’ve been robbed.

Let’s get straight to the point. Most lead generation agencies and companies generate the leads, and then ship them over to their clients, with the expectation that the client calls and follows-up with each and every single lead within 5 minutes of them filling out a form, and calling 10-15 times until they pick up. Now… this is okay if clients were being sent 10, 15… maybe even 20-30 leads per month, but we GUARANTEE our partners hundreds. Real estate pros shouldn’t be proverbially chained to their desk and telephone. They’re not telemarketers, they’re Realtors, Brokers and even Mortgage Loan Officers. They’re not meant to have their ears glued to the phone chasing leads day after day.

The worse part? Some of these leads could be complete trash, at least to start with. Some of them will be tire kickers. Some of them will forget they filled out the form. Some of them will “accidentally” fill out a form. And many of them won’t even pick up their phone (We’re seeing around 85-90% actually).

What does this mean? Well, that the other 10-15% of the leads do pick up the phone, but are they truly qualified and ready? Who knows?

Rather than ship these over to you, we continue the qualifying process. Those hundreds of leads? We call them. The tire kickers, form-filler-outer-forgetters, and no-pick-up-phoners? We weed them out for you. Every. Single. One.

That is our philosophy, and that is our core belief – that our real estate pro partners should be focused on the tasks that only they can do, and we handle everything before that.

We manage all the advertising campaigns for you. We call, follow-up, text and message every single lead for you. And if they’re not qualified right this moment? We nurture them for you through text and email campaigns. And if they’re ready to speak with you? We’ll live transfer or book the appointment for you – all you have to do… is show up.