90-Day Paid Traffic Profit Program

This is our flagship program. Over the course of the 90-days, we go in and revamp your online lead generation system.

We’ll build out your social and search advertising campaigns, layering on Google Ads alongside Facebook and Instagram ads, and if necessary, LinkedIn ads. We’ll also monitor and optimize your campaign, driving down the cost per lead in order to give you a better ROI.

We’ll implement your lead qualification campaign, layering speed-to-lead follow-up calling, texting and emailing. Leads will be contacted within 5 minutes of being generated, and followed-up with 10-15 times over the course of the week. Chatbots will also be implemented, saving you hundreds of man hours. And a long-term email and text message drip campaign will also be setup in order to nurture leads that aren’t ready within 1-3 months. When a lead is ready to speak with an agent, they’re either live transferred or booked on your calendar.

This program is an end-to-end, done-for-you program where all you need to do is to show up to the appointments to close the qualified buyer and seller lead.

The Nurture Process

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